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Kingdom Servant Entrepreneur Network is a Christian non-profit that is seeking donations to facilitate financial literacy spcifically in the area of investments as well as embarking on charity to help the needy while presenting the Gospel of Christ to them. Our vision is to make disciples of all while building a strong financial base for the work of ministry


by Richmond Asamoah

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Richmond Asamoah

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As a Christian non-profit, our mission is simple; To serve in God’s Kingdom as Christ admonishes all His children to do “Seek ye first the Kingdom of Heaven and all other things shall be added unto us’. This simple but powerful statement helps our understanding of life and what God wants us to do as we journey through the vicissitudes of life. We are excited to be doing God’s will in helping a lot of of people understand this very call. However, as an organization, we cannot thrive without your financial support. There are many mouths to feed, bodies to clothe, prisoners to visit and give hope, businesses to help build and many to win for Christ and all these take some amount of money apart from God’s blessing of life which is invaluable.

We believe strongly that with your kindness and love, there could be a replication of love spread across many generations to come if the Lord tarries and you would have done exactly what Christ expects of us all. To love the Lord with all our hearts, soul and mind and secondly, to love our neighbors as ourselves. The beautiful part of our organization is that we not only want to provide the basic physical and spiritual¬† needs of the less privileged, but to promote and facilitate financial education and investments so partners are not only donors but investors or shareholders of the various business opportunities that will be presented to them. We believe that God’s principle of investment is certain. He invests His HolySpirit in us so that we may bear good fruits. Likewise, God expects us all to invest so we can yield greater returns. This is seen in the parable of the talents where the master expected the servants He gave talents to invest and yield results. You know what happened. The one who invested pleased the master and the one who decided to bury his talent risked loosing even what he had.

We cannot express enough the joy we have in our hearts for you to become a partner in this beautiful journey. Your generous support in our organization, especially now where the world is battling with coronavirus and loss of jobs, would go a long way to help in strengthening our operations and charitable activities. We are optimistic and full of faith that our investments will yield greater results and returns. We are looking to partner with 10,000 people across the US to bring this vision to life and we would be more than happy if your family and friends can share in the blessings God will bestow upon us for our service in His Kingdom here on earth and in Heaven.

Become a part of us with your monthly donation of $10, $100, $1,000 or any amount.


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