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As an entrepreneur you owe to yourself and everyone in this world your abilities to come up with great products and services that are life changing. As an investor, you bring these innovations to light by supporting these projects and in return make money. Every idea must come to light to become a blessing to others as well. This platform is intended to make this happen.

We are changing the way to make all things possible.

Total expected to be raised at the earliest possible time across all projects, from programs to design.
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Crowdfunding campaigns has never been that easy

Running a project is quite easy here.

Konnektup is absolutely sure your project will be funded as a result of our marketing strategies and your effort in getting people to hear of the exciting project you're embarking on. Never lose faith as nothing is impossible for God.

Mission possible

Running a project is possible here.

Our mission is to help all understand the enormous blessings that God brings our way when we put our faith into action by giving to support projects. When you give you shall receive. So invest today to bring about great innovations.

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Richmond Asamoah

CEO & C0-Funder

Damalis Boateng

CEO & Co-Funder

Jeffery Asamoah

CEO & Co-Funder

Ebenezer Pobee

CEO & Co-Funder