1. Kickstart the project


Konnektup is KSEN’s platform to raise many for your project from investors who are interested in being a part of your project. This would help bring your business to life or fund the growth of your start-up.

As a backer or an investor, you’ll be duly notified of all others who have invested and placed in an investor group. KSEN will have periodic meetings with you and update you on the current activities of the businesses you invest in. We will stay in touch with you as the middle organization ensuring your investment is put to good use and for its intended purpose.

2. Payments & Fees

This is a private crowdfuding platform that is member-based and allows all who want to be a part of us invest. As an entrepreneur, your monthly membership fee is $99 per month. It’s $69 per month for investors. Please click this link to pay. KSEN Membership Payment. Once you make payment, you will be able to list your business. Without payment, your campaign will not be live. An investor would need to become a member in order to invest. We are happy to have you onboard.

As a member of KSEN, 10% of all money raised goes towards admin cost. As a non-profit, we rely on this amount to ensure we’re providing you with the best of services and maintaining the mission of the organization.

For payment made through the platform, fees are charged by 3rd party payment processors. Fee is 2.9% + 0.30* for USD payouts.